How To Use XenaClen

How to use Diet Pills

First and Foremost, these 3 products Should NEVER Be Used Together. Although These Products, Safe at Recommended Doses, Combining Them Could Result In Unwanted Side Effects. Although They Are All Sold as “Fat Burning Pills“, All 3 Products Have Distinct Benefits That Separate The From one Another. We Will Spell Out The Basic Differences, and Based on Your Needs, You Can Easily Choose The Best Product For You.



PRIMARY USE: XenaClen™ Used By Men and Women. Unlike The Other 2 Products, XenaClen™ is an “Appetite Suppressant”. This Makes Puts It More Into A Class of Diet Pills. Being Less Hungry Will Result in Fat Loss. XenaClen Also Provides Energy Which Makes It An Ideal Pre Workout Supplement. *DUE TO THE FACT THAT THIS PRODUCT WILL MAKE YOU LESS HUNGRY, IT IS NOT IDEAL FOR BUILDING MUSCLE OR STRENGTH. A CALORIE DEFICIENT DIET IS A BENEFIT FOR WEIGHT LOSS PURPOSES, HOWEVER IT IS NOT GOOD FOR BUILDING MUSCLE MASS.


EFFECTS: Rapid Fat Loss. Increase in Strength and Energy. Get Cut and Shredded! This is The Product. Expect To See Veins, Cuts, an Abs in As Little As A Few Weeks.

XenaClen™ for individuals seeking to dramatically facilitate  weight loss and fat loss.  This is the product someone just getting into fitness may want to use. Bodybuilders will use this best cutting cycle if they need to gain control over their appetite. Typically  not used long term, bodybuilders since the calorie deficit makes it hard to gain muscle mass. Users also report an instant boost n energy and loss of water weight. This will make you appear leaner and improve the appearance of muscle tone. 

DOSE: XenaClen™ taken at a dose of 1-3 capsules throughout the day. 1 With breakfast. 1-2 Before Training. Taking this product too late in the evening is not ideal since it can give you energy. In addition, take each dose with 1 full glass/bottle of water.